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Hypnosis Could Help You Quit Smoking

While giving up smoking may not be the easiest thing to do, methods like hypnosis aid in making the process a little more effortless. Hypnosis as a process focuses on motivation and also simultaneously boosts confidence and self esteem, thereby, priming the patient’s determination to quit smoking.

Hypnosis is an effective emotional and mental training program designed specifically to help the quitter deal with the psychological side effects of withdrawal and relapse temptations. Drowsiness, mood swings and random cravings are all part of the many withdrawal spin-offs. Hypnosis targets your subconscious and helps relive the cravings and desire to continue smoking. Along with other method of fighting this addiction, hypnosis can contribute significantly to the recovery process of a patient.

The process of hypnosis works by inducing complete relaxation and enabling the patient to focus better on the problem at hand. The mind exists in it’s sub conscious state during a hypnosis session and is therefore more receptive to suggestions as opposed to the mind in it’s conscious state where it exercises it’s powers of judgment and may reject any given ideas.

Some techniques that are employed in hypnosis to help curb smoking are:

Self Hypnosis: here you relax yourself by moving through various images. However, this process requires sufficient time and practice to be truly successful. CD’s and DVD’s on how to effectively hypnotize yourself are available in the market and can help you perform the process successfully by providing certain hypnotic words which help curb thought and ideas urging you to smoke.

Hypnotherapist: A hypnotherapist is an expert of hypnosis and helps you reach the subconscious state of your mind. Smoking urges are curbed by guidance by using various words and images to compel you to give up smoking. You may need several sessions with the hypnotherapist to effectively purge your tobacco yearnings.

Recent studies, however, support hypnosis as an effective anti addiction process by placing it success rate at 50 %. Some studies even suggest that hypnosis is thrice as effective as the traditional nicotine replacement therapy. Stress- an important factor behind indiscriminate smoking- can also be overcome with hypnosis. So, hypnosis not only aids in giving up smoking but also helps in cutting down stress.

Other positive outcomes of a hypnosis session may include increased optimism, feeling happier about life, and getting rid of constant thoughts of smoking. It also motivates you to work towards better health.

While there’s still no concrete evidence on whether hypnosis retains it’s effectiveness in the long run as a smoking cessation process, it may be given a try in tandem with other anti smoking techniques especially since it does not have any unpleasant side effects.


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